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Serbia and Belgrade are known for their traditional local specialties, whose main ingredient is mostly meat. The most famous meat dishes are kebabs and steak named after Karađorđe (Karađorđeva steak). Over 1000 restaurants serve very tasty local and foreign food. The most famous Serbian cuisine restaurant are located in the bohemian quarter, Skadarlija. Those are “Two White Doves (Dva bela goluba), " "Two Deer" (Dva jelena), "Some days" (Ima dana), "My Hat" (Šešir moj), "Three Hats" (Tri Šešira), "Golden Pitcher" (Zlatni bokal) and others. The oldest café in Belgrade is “?” (Question Mark) and it is still situated in Kralja Petra Street no. 6. Everyone who comes to Belgrade and Serbia should try some of the various specialties, such as grilled meat (burgers, kebabs, white hanger, skewers), cabbage rolls ("sarma"), homemade cream ("kajmak"), various kinds of pastries and others. For fans of international cuisine, there are numerous restaurants, such as "Óttimo Ristorante" on Students' Square (Italian cuisine), "Beijing" and "Mao Tao” (Chinese cuisine), “Sushi Bar" and “Moon” in Makedonska Street no. 30 (Japanese cuisine), "Zapata" in the Vojvode Bogdana 13 (Mexican cuisine) and many others. You can buy fast food for just 100 RSD, while the prices in restaurants are between 2 € and 20 €. It is very important to note that all fruits and vegetables used in Serbia are exclusively organic in origin. The quality of Serbian field and vegetable products is confirmed by the fact that they are at the top of the world market and can be found in stores in USA, Europe, Russia, Japan, Turkey and other countries. If you prefer vegetarian cuisine, don't miss the chance to try the Serbian cream and “ajvar”. In the downtown, there is a green market with reasonable prices of seasonal products. In the morning, the market is full of pepper, potato, tomato and cucumber sellers, whose products come from their gardens. In addition to watermelons, melons, domestic kiwi, raspberries and grapes, some kinds of tropical fruits can also be bought.


Recent statistics show that tourists from Western Europe gave highest grades for Belgrade nightlife and drink prices. The national drink is “rakija” (type of brandy), a strong beverage of good quality. Water from public fountains, hotels and restaurants is completely safe. It is free to consume it and don't hesitate to ask the waiter to bring you a glass of tap water. It is free of charge! If you want to drink bottled water, there are dozens of brands available. Traditional and very popular local drink is “šljivovica” (plum brandy). Serbia is known for its large number of domestic brands of beer – Jelen (Deer), Lav (Lion), MB, BIP, Pils etc. Besides them, foreign beers (Heineken, Tuborg, Amstel, Becks) are served in cafes. Homemade wine is good and smooth. In all bars, there is a wide range of coffees, such as espresso, Turkish, macchiato, cappuccino, Nes and so on. Juices are made from almost any fruit, and the most popular are orange, strawberry, blueberry, apple, cherry and peach. For refreshment “on the street", the most famous locations are concentrated at Strahinjića Bana Street in Dorćol and Obilićev venac Street, near Republic Square.