Извор: Едувики
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It is customary to shake with right hand while meeting someone, regardless of gender. Kissing on the cheeks upon first sight is not required, but at each following meeting, it is usual to kiss in Serbian way, three times! Serbs toast with every drink. Rakija (Brandy) is usually made within families. Toast is done by clinging of glasses, while maintaining eye contact and loudly shouting "Živeli!" (Cheers).

Enjoying spicy foods is a part of everyday life. The main and largest meal is lunch. An important part of the Serbian mentality is "paying bills" in cafes and restaurants. The host almost never allows a guest to pay for lunch, dinner or drinks, as it is customary for the host to bear all the expenses while he has guests staying with him. Unlike the rest of Europe, there is no typical day for night life in Serbia. Throughout the week, there are places for a night-out for all generations, styles, music tastes and budgets. It is not uncommon to finish your party-time after 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning by buying "burek" in a nearby bakery or kebabs with onion and cream.