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Learning Day

Learning Day will be held on Sunday, March 23, 2014, in Wikimedia Serbia Office (Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 20, 5th floor). This will be a internal meeting between WMRS members and their edu-project representatives and guests from abroad involved in EduWiki.

WMRS members will present our education projects, successes and achievements to our guests. In short overview we will see chronological retrospective of projects, quality and quantity of articles, number of institutions and students/professors. Special accent will be on models, approaches, cooperation, realization, ideas ans successes and failures. All together would try to find answer on - What institutions expect from us, and we expect from institutions.

Our guests from abroad will share with us their successes, achievements, ideas, suggestions and they will present their local education projects. Also they will show to us their project models and approaches. Final aim is to set a foundation of future education chapter cooperation.

Here is the full list of guests, their presentations and representing chapters:

No. First and Last Name Chapter/Instituion Postiton Presentation
1. AB WM -- --
2. CD -- --
3. EF -- --
4. GH -- --
5. IJ -- --